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I graduated from the Ontario Real Estate College in 2004 and immediately joined Royal LePage. I couldn’t wait to get started. It wasn’t until 2009 that I joined Sutton Group Associates Realty just north of Yorkville. I grew up in the Annex so it’s always where I have been and since my good friend John Schick, who I operate this website with, and his Dad worked there, it just made sense for me.

My real estate practice is focused on properties that people live in. Helping you locate and purchase or lease your next home is something I can assist you with. Of course, listing homes for sale including houses, townhouses and condos is something I have an equal amount of experience with. I love to get my clients moving on with that which they want to move on from and move onto.

I work in real estate full-time. Previously I was an owner/partner in a Bin company that delivered bins for construction debris and other such refuse. I enjoyed it but came to see that my calling is in real estate. I enjoy interacting with people and guiding them through the stress to the happiness, in a way that real estate can certainly provide. Although I do believe that my experience as a business owner has assisted me in becoming the real estate agent that I am today.

I am an avid hockey, baseball and golf player, truly enjoying my time on the ice, field or course.

While I have done deals in many parts of the city, my energy is largely focused on the west side of Toronto proper, and then secondarily from downtown to Etobicoke and all the way to Mississauga. I’ve seen many different types of residential dwellings in all sorts of condition. Find that clients appreciate my knowledge of home renovations, upgrades and city services. Gaining a lot of experience with these topics after purchasing, gutting and totally redoing my home in the Vaughan-Oakwood neighbourhood.

Like John, I provide full-service real estate brokerage to a select group of clientele.

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